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Kavdi Pat

Kavdi Pat lies 15 km on the outskirts of Pune city. It lies on the Solapur Highway NH 9. It is on the banks of Mula-Mutha river near Pune.It consists of dry lands and wetlands with some forest like area and farms as farming is the main occupation.

A great variety of birds are found in Kavdi Pat and a lot of migratory birds also migrate during winter and some of them have started living there as a home. It is a natural habitat for birds and lot of birds thrive there. It is a natural bird sanctuary.
I live in Manjri, Pune which is near from Kavdi Pat and quite often visit Kavdi Pat. It is beautiful place and other than birds I have also seen beautiful landscapes during morning and evening time. The people here are very friendly and have good knowledge about birds.

The Indian Cormorant

Group of Cormorants
Group of Cormorants
The Indian Cormorant or Indian Shag is found along inland waters of the Indian Subcontinent. Young and non-breeding cormorants are brown in color. They are often found in large groups and often fish in groups, the photo taken above is shot at kavdi pat near Pune, Maharashtra. I think it was their resting time in the afternoon and most of the day they spend their time sitting on the rock at kavdi pat. They often make short dives to capture fish in the water and when in water the body of the bird below its neck is submerged in water.